National Scrutiny Week 2021



The National Scrutiny Week is back! 

Tpas is hosting a whole interactive week to support tenants and landlords to connect, learn, and celebrate the impact of tenant led scrutiny.

Check out the programme below and use the links to book your place on the free sessions.


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Monday, September 27th

We kick off the week at 10.30am – 10.45am with our Scrutiny Launch Welcome Talk which will be streamed on YouTube.

You’ll hear from Tpas chief executive Jenny Osbourne as she opens Scrutiny Week, and highlights some of the fab the activities and events you can get involved in 

Following this at 11.30am – 12.15pm, we invite you to our Say What Session where our speakers outline what scrutiny means to them and why it matters more now than ever.

During our afternoon session 1.30pm – 3.00pm we focus on recruitment at our  "Fishbowl where different organisations will share with you their approaches to successful scrutiny recruitment.

Tuesday, September 28th

We dedicate this day to all those fab people involved in making scrutiny happen.

At 10.30am – 11.30am we bring you our Staff Scrutiny Meet up Sessions – there’s one for LA/ALMO’s staff and one for Housing Association staff. These sessions will run simultaneously and will enable staff involved in supporting scrutiny in these sectors to come together to learn, network and share good practice.

At 1.30pm-3pm you’ll hear from Positive About Inclusion in their Great Minds Think Alike? Workshop

This interactive session is all about diversity in scrutiny. The workshop will explore the concept of diversity and the common saying of ‘great minds think alike’ and ask if that is something we should celebrate in the context of scrutiny or does effective scrutiny need the challenge that different views and perspectives brings they look at what can be done to improve the diversity of scrutiny panels, and how the power of difference should be embraced.

The final session of the day is our Open Space session at 6pm – 7pm and is just for tenants/residents/customers involved in scrutiny. This informal session gives you the chance to share experiences, discuss the realities of being a tenant scrutineer and offer help and support to each other.

Throughout the day we will be encouraging everyone to use social media to post pictures and give shout outs to all tenant scrutineers and staff supporting scrutiny, so as a sector we can give them the kudos they deserve.

Wednesday, September 29th

The day kicks off at 10.30am – 12.00pm with our No Nonsense Guide to Scrutiny Workshop, perfect for those new to scrutiny or looking for a quick refresh

We then invite you step outside your usual scrutiny confines and check out how scrutiny happens in other sectors.  

This session, Scrutiny beyond Housing at 2pm – 3.30pm invites speakers from health, policing and local government, to share with you how scrutiny works there and explores what good practice we could bring over to Housing.

Thursday, September 30th  

This is Knowledge Day – whether it’s getting it, sharing it, or using it effectively, we have you covered today.

First up at 9.30am we are joined by David from Tpas Cymru, for our 'Moving Scrutiny Forward - thoughts from Wales' session

At 11am – 12pm is our Digital Scrutiny Workshop where you’ll be looking at where digital scrutiny is at, who’s doing it and if it’s working?

The afternoon session starts at 1.30pm – 2.30pm with Scrutiny geek Dr Dave McKenna sharing with you his own Scrutiny Success Top Tips. There’ll also be time for you to throw in your own ideas and suggestions too!

Friday, October 1st

The last day of #Scrutinyweek is dedicated to the impact of scrutiny, as we run our Scrutiny Showcase Reel from 10am onwards.  You’ll hear from tenants and organisations showing how scrutiny has positively impacted on key service areas such as Complaints, ASB, and Repairs.

The week closes at 2pm with the launch of our brand new Online National Scrutiny Club exclusively for Tpas tenants/residents/customers members, and then we’ll wrap up with a quick look back of the weeks highlights and takeaways.  The closing session will be live streamed on YouTube.

Join in and take part!

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