The Ever Changing Face Of Social Housing

Has the government pushed social housing to its limits with its policy of a one per cent cut in social rents? Some housing providers are having to do re structures to recoup the one per cent loss in social rents, but what impact does this have on the staff and services that are offered to tenants? 

Firstly with any restructure there is going to be worry and stress for the staff concerned as they have to reapply for their job positions or being told that their job role is no longer needed and being possibly relocated to a new role within the organisation. 

This surely puts stress on services that tenants receive from the housing associations, as staff feel demoralised and under valued, despite senior officials claiming this would not be the case and that staff would be highly motivated is a very unrealistic expectations. 

Housing associations are expecting their workforce to provide the same level of service with fewer staff to achieve this, so in reality we end up with staff who have extra duties and responsibilities. Are we expected to believe that this can not have a negative impact on services that are being delivered to tenants? 

Could we start seeing housing association staff implementing a work to rule policy, as they feel the pressure of this government policy of a one per cent cut in social rents? 

Social housing tenants want and expect services to be there, but are we prepared for the cost of keeping services, when there is a shortfall of income coming in and the impact this places on staff within the organisation.

However is streamlining a business to meet government policy a wise thing to do? Only time will tell but don't be surprised if tenant services are impacted due to lack of income. 

Please try to keep in mind that social housing is more important now than ever before, and that by working in partnership with one's housing association we can negate some of the issues and to remind the government that it has a social responsibility to improve housing for future generations.