What's A Community?

It appears to be such a simple question to ask, but do we truly know the answer to this? According to the 'Community Cohesion Strategy' it is about creating a common vision and sense of belonging to everyone, valuing and appreciate  people from different backgrounds, developing strong positive relationships between people from different backgrounds in the workplace, in schools and in neighbourhoods and brokering relationships between groups and communities.

So how does your housing association measure up to the Community Cohesion Strategy?  I would have to say it got myself thinking about my housing association of Home Group and do I feel that it it is hitting the four key points as stated above. 

Home Groups vision is to, "Help its customers and clients to open doors to new opportunities and healthy lives".

I have been a customer of Home Group for just over one year and Have been an involved customer for a year.  I have seen how much commitment Home Group puts into bringing communities together, for the benefit of everyone that lives there even if they are not a home Group customer or client. 

Home Group prides it selfs on its equality and diversity which is woven in its culture and this commitment extends to the communities that it helps to establish. Home Groups runs many initiatives that brings people together, to enable them to gain new opportunities and skills, such as diy skills and money management workshops.

Home Group is a very engaging housing association that puts its customers and clients at the centre of its core values. Ensuring that people have a voice in the community in which they live in, and helping to build better relationships with the wider community.

In summary I do feel that Home Group works extremely hard to provide community cohesion, however it's not just about the housing association, it's about people engaging, becoming involved and wanting to build better communities for the next generation. 

It is far too easy for people to sit back and to complain about community cohesion and the lack of input from ones housing association, however you can make a big difference by being involved. 

Remember your input can change things for the better if you stand up and become involved in shaping the direction that your housing association takes in providing community cohesion.