Complaints: Delivering New Expectations

New expectations around complaints are on their way – just check out the National Housing Federation Together with Tenants Draft Charter or the Social Housing Green Paper - but is your organisation ready?

Take our Quick Quiz and find out:

  1. Is your Complaints Policy developed and tested by residents?    Yes / No

  2. ‚ÄčAre your Complaints Standards designed and tested by resident?     Yes / No

  3. Have you got clear complaints escalation information available to residents?     Yes / No

  4. Are your signposting routes in place?    Yes / No

How did you score?

4/4 = Look at you -totally on top of it all – well done. Do you want to share your good practice with Tpas?

3/4= Pretty good - but a little Tpas magic could be in order to deliver the excellence you need – check out this new course for inspiration

2/4 = Bang average but who wants to be average when you could be great – this new course can help you get there 

1/4 = You’re in danger of being left behind and having to play catch up- book your place on this fab new course and get things started

0/4 = Book on this new course immediately – there’s still time to get this stuff right!

What will the course cover? 

  • What should staff and residents look for in a good complaints policy?
  • What complaints standards should staff and residents be considering?
  • How to co-design
  • The role of the Housing Ombudsman and Regulator in the complaints escalation and how to communicate it clearly
  • Ways to ensure continuous improvement by formally engaging residents in complaints

Who should attend?

Resident scrutiny panel members, resident panel members or other involved residents, landlord involvement staff, and any other landlord staff involved in complaints.

Other Dates

16th March 2020 - Manchester

23rd March 2020 - Midlands

About the Trainer

Dave Simmons a housing professional with over 12 years of experience in resolving tenant and landlord disputes through his work as an Adjudicator at the Housing Ombudsman Service. Prior to this, Dave gained several years of experience in handling disputes unrelated to housing in a variety of roles, dealing with some emotive subject areas. Dave have considerable experience in delivering training and workshops to both landlords and residents about best practice and approaches in complaints handling and dispute resolution. Dave now plays a leading role in promoting positive cultures and learning from complaints in the housing sector.


Mon 10th Feb 2020, 10:00am - 4:00pm

Venue Details

C/O Newlon HT

Newlon House, 4 Daneland Walk, Hale Village , London, London, N17 9FE


Complaints Workshop
Membership Staff Tenant
Members £150.00 £150.00
Non-Members £200.00 £200.00

Event Contact

Name: Lisa Holt


Phone: 01618683500

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