Behavioural Insights


Applying an accessible science to tenant engagement

  • Have you been frustrated at unsuccessful attempts to increase the diversity of tenants who engage with you?
  • Have you wondered how you can improve your tenants’ experience of your engagement approach?

A behavioural science approach to tenant engagement

Applying Behavioural Insights can maximise hearing the tenant voice to design, improve and deliver enhanced engagement.

Tpas has a long and distinguished track record of inspiring confidence in tenants of social housing and in landlords.

Our pioneering behavioural insights projects have created outcomes including greater and wider take-up of services, wider tenant influence of services and more effective communications. 

Our expertise

Our expertise is built upon testing behavioural insight theories multiple times with a number of trailblazing landlords, coupled with our unique relationship with tenants, landlords and contractors. We will work with you to identify the support you need, the outcomes you want and the achievements that are important to you.

Thought leaders in behavioural insights

We brought together five social housing providers to explore the application of Behavourial Insights and engagement, the project both respected and reflected the central role that tenant engagement should play in a social housing organisation. In our report, we share some of our key insights in our journey to a more effective, evidence-based approach to tenant engagement. 


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Working with Tpas will help you

  • Use targeted evidence-based behavioural change interventions
  • Improve and increase tenant engagement
  • Create a lasting legacy and toolkit for ongoing application  
  • Build skills and increase knowledge in teams

Customer testimonials

“Excellent. The project was a success for Wandle as it enabled us to achieve our outcomes within timeframe and budget, using a method that is innovative, unique and collaborative. We have increased and widened our pool of engaged customers by 150 more residents. We have a better understanding of residents’ needs, their motivations, communication preferences and the services they wish to improve. We have used the insight gained for other projects”.

Staff member, Wandle

‘The fact that customers were invited to get involved with the project helped put my mind at rest about the ethics. It was definitely worth being involved, it hadn’t occurred to me that HA would involve customers in things like this, I’m glad I was involved”.

Tenant, Greatwell Homes

“Really good – even just going through it – positive learning experience. Great to work with others …. tripled tenant academy take up and had extra attendance of one thousand extra people”.

Staff member, NCH

“The team felt it was useful to understand the behavioural science techniques and the principles behind the trial, and that it would impact some of the wording used on other communications to tenants”.

Staff member, Wolverhampton Homes


“ It was proving difficult to attract younger age groups. Since those sessions NCH changed their approach. The Tenant Involvement Team sent different types of text messages to randomly selected residents whose mobile numbers we had on file asking them to 'opt in'. NCH now have almost 300 new members to their involvement pool”.

Tenant, NCH

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Why choose Tpas?

Well established

We've been promoting, supporting and championing tenant involvement and empowerment across England for two and a half decades

Not for profit

Investing in Tpas means benefitting frim the latest tenant involvement policies and practices but also securing and supporting the future of the tenant involvement agenda


We offer the only independent evidence-based accreditation scheme that assesses resident involvement arrangements.

Expert advice

Our shared knowledge, expertise and experience with staff, tenants, landlord and contractors are the building blocks of this organisation.