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All of our training courses are aligned to the National Tenant Engagement Standards, and they will help you exceed the expectations laid out by the Regulator of Social Housing, the Building Safety Regulator, the NHF code of governance and the Housing Ombudsman.

You can be assured that Tpas Learning has all the key components of engagement excellence covered. Whether its preparing for a new regulatory framework and tenant satisfaction measures, or striving to make your existing engagement even better, our mix of webinar sessions and more traditional courses, all delivered by our experienced and engaging trainers will get you there.

Choose from our hugely popular digital programe which includes bite size webinars, and comprehensive digital training sessions, or if you prefer face to face, we have our in house training offer too. 

Remember all of our training sessions are discounted for Tpas members, and some are even free! 

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Measuring Value (76)
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Training and events:

Title Start Type Town
Meeting & Committee Skills 12/12/23 10:00 Training Course Zoom
Mystery Shopping 08/01/24 10:00 Training Course www.zoom.us
Recruiting for Scrutiny 09/01/24 10:00 Training Course www.zoom.us
Holding Your Landlord to Account 10/01/24 10:00 Training Course Zoom
Maximise the Power of Scrutiny 16/01/24 10:00 Training Course www.zoom.us
Procurement & The Role of Customers 17/01/24 10:00 Training Course www.zoom.us
Tpas Measuring Engagement Club Meet Up (Free) 17/01/24 11:00 eLearning n/a
Local Authority/ALMO Staff Member Meet Up (Free) 18/01/24 11:00 eLearning n/a
Consumer Vulnerability (Free for Tpas Members) 22/01/24 10:00 eLearning n/a
Ensuring Resident Scrutiny Works in Housing Organisations 23/01/24 10:00 Training Course www.zoom.us
Webinar - Getting the most out of your membership with Tpas (Free) 23/01/24 11:00 eLearning n/a
The Tpas National Scrutiny Club Member Meet Up (Free) 24/01/24 18:00 eLearning n/a
Meeting Current Expectations in Complaint Handling 29/01/24 10:00 Training Course www.zoom.us
Using Behavioural Insights to Increase Involvement 31/01/24 09:30 Training Course www.zoom.us
Introduction to Scrutiny 02/02/24 10:00 Training Course www.zoom.us
Chairing Skills 05/02/24 10:00 Training Course www.zoom.us
Webinar: Housing Ombudsman - Annual Complaints Review Webinar (Free) 07/02/24 11:00 eLearning n/a
Creating a Positive Engagement Culture 13/02/24 10:00 Training Course www.zoom.us
Getting Microsoft 365 (and Teams) to Work for You (Free for Tpas Members) 14/02/24 10:00 Training Course www.zoom.us
Planning a Community Event 15/02/24 10:00 Training Course www.zoom.us