Policy and Influence

Tpas delivers policy and strategic level support to individual organisations..

We are responsible for developing the first national tenant engagement standards in England.

We are also regularly consulted by government on developing on policies that imact upon tenants and the regulatory standards and take a proactive in representing and informing the sector and government on modernising tenant involvement delivery. Enabling us to stay ahead of the curve of national housing policy.

Find out what we think about important issues affecting tenant involvement in social housing, what we’re doing about them and how we can support you to address them.

Tpas National Tenant Engagement Standards

We've brought together flexible principles for delivering excellent tenant involvement.

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National Engagement Survey 2017

Our annual national survey helps us create a clear picture of what is happening in engagement to inform discussions on what should happen next and to track future changes in practice and opinions.

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HCA Standards

The Government require all registered providers to meet the regulatory standards including the Tenant Involvement and Empowerment Standard.

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Tenant View

Speaking out can help change the way people understand tenant involvement.

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Right to Buy

The Right to Buy is a legal right that entitles most local authority tenants, and some housing association tenants, to purchase the house or flat they live in with a discount off the market price.

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Housing Bill

The Housing Bill covers a range of policies around the availability, accessibility and cost of social renting, as well as the availability of home ownership to current tenants. Although these are not about tenant involvement, they are matters of concern to many involved tenants.

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We actively participate in Government consultations on behalf of our members. Below is information on current, open and concluded consultations.

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