Building Safety

The events of June 2017 at the Grenfell Tower in London marked a devastating low point in the social housing sector.

A tragic example of the sector’s failure to listen or to learn from previous tragedies. The Hackitt report, Social Housing White Paper and the Building Safety Bill are critical to the future of social housing.

At Tpas, our focus is on ensuring that residents’ voices are heard - holding their landlords to account and sharing their insight into the practical realities of building and fire safety.

Alongside our members and sector experts, we have applied the latest building safety policies and practice in developing a framework to support organisations and their residents to develop a tenant engagement strategy for their high-risk buildings.

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Building Safety Bill 

This is framework legislation that will be debated and amended as it makes its way through our legislative processes and sets out the Government’s response to tackling the issues raised by the Hackitt Review

Building Safety Regulator 

The Building Safety Regulator is a role that will be carried out by the Health & Safety Executive (HSE). The HSE was appointed in early 2020 to put in place a new way of ensuring that there is a proactive regulation and oversight of high-risk buildings. They have the responsibility to create a Residents Panel to engage residents on policy and operational building safety issues.

Building a Safer Future

Born out of the Hackitt Review and a direct outcome from the Early Adopters Group, this is a not-for-profit organisation focusing on driving up standards in the building sector. They have created a Charter and a verification service that tests out an organisation’s culture and leadership.

Social Sector Best Practice Group 

A Government-sponsored project to test out new ways in which to communicate and engage residents in building safety. Eight Landlords and Eight residents considered three key themes and produced an interesting report highlighting some useful tips and techniques in an easy to read document.



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