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Tpas membership gives you all the advice, support, guidance and practical resources you need to exceed the regulatory standards.

Join the largest network of landlords in England committed to partnering with tenants to shape services and improve communities.

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Why join us

Sharing Networking Learning Influencing
As a member, you will benefit from our professional support and guidance.

We offer you access to strategic, practical and relevant information, tools, ideas and good practice to keep you fully informed about engagement.

Our resources and ebook collection grows every week and the most relevant content hits your inbox every fortnight.
The Tpas membership network consists of people and organisations just like you.

Our network is made up of tenants and landlords working together.

Tpas facilitate events, digital networking forums, Zoom meetups, polls, surveys, and more to create discussions and share learning across our networks.
Tpas members re-join year on year
to improve their housing knowledge,
fine-tune engagement skills and
understand the latest policy proposals.

The Tpas membership gives you access to up to the minute knowledge to grow your skills and innovate your engagement activities.

Tpas members access webinars throughout the year and all are available 'on demand' in our dedicated resource hub.
Tpas proudly and proactively builds strong
relationships with organisations that shape
the engagement agenda to champion the power of tenant and landlord partnership

Tpas members' views and experiences are regularly represented at the government level to shape the latest policy proposals, consultations affecting the tenant voice.

Getting the most of your membership

Joining criteria

You must be a social housing provider operating in England (for example a Local Authority, Housing Association, Arm's Length Management Organisation, Cooperative or Tenant Management Organisation.


Membership fees are based on an annual subscription by stock size and are exempt from VAT. Annual subscriptions run from 1st April - 31st March. If you join partway through the year we will pro-rata your fee.

The fees below are for new members joining until 31st March 2024.

Stock Band Fee
1 - 500 £665.00
501 - 1,000 £825.00
1,001 - 2,000 £1,115.00
2,001 - 5,000 £1,525.00
5,001 - 15,000 £1,885.00
15,001 - 25,000 £2,415.00
25,001 - 35,000 £2,940.00
35,001 - 45,000 £3,275.00
45,001 - 55,000 £3,750.00
55,001 - 65,000 £3,925.00
65,001 - 75,000 £4,095.00
75,001 - 85,000 £4,265.00
85,001 - 100,000 £4,375.00
100,000+ £4,680.00

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Or if you would like to have a chat about Tpas membership please contact our Membership Team.

Lisa Holt - Membership & Events Coordinator
T: 0161 868 3500

If you are an employee of a Landlord Organisation who already has a membership click the link below to find your Landlord to request access.

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