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This new platform has been built with you in mind. It's a place you can post questions and share information with your peers across the country. 

The platform hosts a national housing staff group and a national tenants group. It also has subgroups that are open for both staff and tenants to join too. 

It's a place where you can: 

  • Create discussions
  • Ask questions
  • Upload and download documents
  • Poll opinions
  • Get feedback 
  • Post videos/images/documents
  • Make connections

 Tpas Tenant Scrutiny Club

Tpas Connect also hosts an exclusive Tenant Only space for those that are involved in their organisation's scrutiny. It's a space to develop and grow your scrutiny skills and we will also facilitate regular scrutiny club virtual meet ups over the year. 

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*only Tpas members can join the platform so please let us know the member landlord when you get in touch. 

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We've been promoting, supporting and championing tenant involvement and empowerment across England for two and a half decades

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Investing in Tpas means benefitting frim the latest tenant involvement policies and practices but also securing and supporting the future of the tenant involvement agenda


We offer the only independent evidence-based accreditation scheme that assesses resident involvement arrangements.

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Our shared knowledge, expertise and experience with staff, tenants, landlord and contractors are the building blocks of this organisation.