Developing Our Communities

Tuesday 27th of June 2017

We asked Steve Ruffle, CEO of Rotherham Federation of Communities to tell us why delegates should attend his workshop at our upcoming National Tenant Conference in July.

Grenfell has changed everything in the housing world and we hope that now tenants will be listened to rather than being ignored. Now is the time Tenants and Residents Associations (TARAs) and the tenants movement  should be  valued, recognised and supported rather than denigrated and undermined. Tpas plays a critical role bringing tenants and landlords together throughout England. On a local level Rotherham Federation works together with all tenants, residents, partners and landlords in our town working and bringing people together. Our membership is made up of a mixture of all community led organisations and TARAs.  We involve everyone, young and old, black and white, able bodied and disabled, strengthening and bringing communities together.


Communities are mixed – our council tenants work together with everyone in our communities, private tenants, housing association tenants and homeowners to improve quality of life in our estates and villages.  To make a real difference, we need to listen to one another, be community rooted and work together. Most importantly we believe that tenants and residents know their own communities best. We need to engage each other beyond just holding meetings to make our communities a better place to live. Community events, fun day and social activities are all very important.


Our workshop at the Tpas conference is called ‘Developing our Communities” and is at 1.45pm on the afternoon of Thursday 13th July 2017. It is being co-facilitated by myself and Asim Munir Tenant Involvement Coordinator from Rotherham Council.  In the workshop, we will look at why communities are important, how to get funding for your community and how you can make a difference by working together. It will be great to see you there!

More information about the National Tenant Conference