Let me tell you why the Tpas Quality Mark is important.

Wednesday 6th of December 2017

We asked Tpas associate, Marilyn Thornley to share why contractors and sub-contractors chose to undertake our 'Quality Mark'.



Recently I undertook nine assessments of sub contractors, using our Tpas Quality Mark framework. All are working for, and alongside, the main contractor in delivering a range of repair, maintenance and refurbishment services for social housing landlords and their residents.


Let me tell you why the Tpas Quality Mark is important.


As a contractor/supplier working in the repairs and home improvement arena, you might from time to time, consider competing to be a sub contractor, for a large contractor. The large/main contractor may have won a multi million contract to deliver a repairs and maintenance or refurbishment contract for a social housing landlord, but looks out in the local area or further afield for competent sub contractors/suppliers to deliver part of their contract. 


Main contractors will be looking at your performance overall but in particular will be keenly interested in how well you can deliver to high customer care and communication standards.


The Tpas Quality Mark is a quick, easy, self help assessment that large contractors see as invaluable to validating and ensuring you will be working in line with the standards outlined in the specification contract they won. It takes the worry away for the main contractor out of whether any sub contractor will match their performance standards with residents. It also takes the worry from you, the sub contractor, as when we carry out the check we make sure the main contractors have put measures in place to assist you in delivering to their standards.


The Tpas Quality Mark helps you understand what is currently necessary and helps you continuously improve.


Tpas will assist you, in confidence, throughout the process, so you can identify the necessary documents and processes to put in place and will help with filling any gaps.


Sub contractors who have gone through the process already have been able to use the document to reflect on their performance and consider areas that will put them ahead of the game.


If you want to test how you are currently performing and to confidently provide any major contractor with the Tpas seal of approval, then make a call to Tpas and find out more.


Your competitors can prove they hit the mark... can you?


More information about the Quality Mark