When a plan comes together

Friday 13th of May 2016

I love twitter, hours can pass as you trawl through celebrities bickering with one another, pictures of cute animals and watching a news story unfold before your eyes.


On wednesday evening I was following the Housing Excellence Awards twitter hashtag, it’s a  fantastic way to support our sector virtually by seeing which organisations have won an award and why.


Awards in our sector celebrate the great and the good, they’re tough to win and show off exceptional good practice.  So I was absolutely thrilled when I saw that Ongo, an organisation that I have supported to become accredited with Tpas, won best large social landlord of the year. I can certainly vouch for their passion and commitment to providing fantastic services with and for their tenants, and of course, because we’ve accredited them, they can absolutely demonstrate how they involve their tenants through mechanisms that enable them to have real influence and power through devolved decision making processes


Another organisation I was delighted to see awarded was Pinecourt HA. They are another of our accredited landlords demonstrating how they involve their tenants to achieve excellence. It’s fantastic that they have been awarded this prestigious prize because I know they’re celebrating 30 years as a social landlord.


Well done Ongo and Pinecourt HA. It’s great to see long standing members of Tpas getting the recognition they deserve.