Community Development Services


We will help you to create productive relationships between residents and the wider community.

It is widely accepted that residents who are involved in how their local neighbourhood is shaped and serviced are happier in their community.

As engagement experts, we understand what it takes to create strong and successful communities. We are here to help you bring your community and stakeholders together to understand and deliver what your community needs and how you can communicate your impact.

Why choose Tpas?

As with every new client and project. Tpas always start with the focussing on the key stakeholder, in this case, the residents. We focus on getting to understand the complexities of the community.

Understanding who the community are and what their needs are is the essential starting point for any community development activity. We’ll work with you to quickly find out who or what impacts on the community for it to function effectively, what resources you already have within the community and which critical stakeholders you need to be involved to enable your community to thrive. 

What could we do for you?  


Our goal would be to support your engagement with your community in a fully inclusive way. This might involve learning new methods and skills for community engagement or improving the way you plan your engagement activity and demonstrate impact. We offer support for clients at various stages of community development. Our services include:

  • The development of useful, robust and practical frameworks, resources and tools to support those involved in community engagement activity in your organisation.
  • We can work with you to develop community engagement strategies that engage with groups such as younger people, older people and other 'harder to reach' groups.
  • Reviewing, developing and implementing your community engagement and development plans.
  • Ensuring that the whole community can participate in community action.
  • Exploring new technology models to enable wider community participation.
  • We can even help you deliver activity ‘on the ground’ including staffing community events, doorstop surveys, facilitated workshops and focus groups.

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Why choose Tpas?

Well established

We've been promoting, supporting and championing tenant involvement and empowerment across England for two and a half decades

Not for profit

Investing in Tpas means benefitting frim the latest tenant involvement policies and practices but also securing and supporting the future of the tenant involvement agenda


We offer the only independent evidence-based accreditation scheme that assesses resident involvement arrangements.

Expert advice

Our shared knowledge, expertise and experience with staff, tenants, landlord and contractors are the building blocks of this organisation.