Community engagement

We can help to use a range of methods for effective wider community engagement.

First of all, what do we mean by ‘Tenant engagement’ and Community engagement? We define Tenant engagement as being about working with tenants to co-produce effective services that meet a variety of needs; for example building in accountability through communication, monitoring and scrutiny. It's about empowering tenants, residents and communities to work with your organisation to achieve shared aims.

We believe Community engagement is about working with communities to address the issues they feel are a priority; for example empowering and supporting communities to develop their capacity to tackle issues they face; addressing issues that are wider than just ‘housing’.

Download our 'Community Engagement' standard guidance

We can help you

  • Work with your wider community partners to develop and deliver community engagement programmes which bring lasting change to communities

  • Apply our expertise and experience in getting resources and support to where it is most needed

  • Leverage the power of our networks to identify potential grant programmes and new community partners

  • Train your tenants and community groups on core skills such as digital engagement, chairing and scrutiny.

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