Diverse Voices: Transforming Tenant Influence in Social Housing

New Research Project - Exploring innovative ways to improve the involvement and influence of tenants from ethnic minority backgrounds in the decision-making processes of social housing providers

Kai Jackson, a Tpas Associate and involved tenant, launches her research project aimed at promoting tenant diversity and inclusion within the sector. The project , sponsored  by Tpas and bolstered by academic support from the UK Collaborative Centre for Housing Evidence (CaCHE), seeks to enhance the participation of tenants from ethnic minority backgrounds in landlords' influencing structures for a more representative and diverse community.

To all people from Ethnic Minority backgrounds living in social housing and all social housing sector staff! Kai is conducting research on tenant diversity and representation and would greatly appreciate your input. 
Watch her video below for more details and follow the links to participate in either the social housing staff survey or the social housing tenant survey. Your contribution is invaluable to this important study



Social Housing Tenant Survey

Social Housing Staff Survey