Leasehold Engagement Services

We can help you demonstrate excellent value for money and efficient services for leaseholders. Create an effective and positive relationship with your leaseholders.


Why you need to assess your approach:

The volume of social landlords managing leasehold properties has increased enormously over the past couple of decades.

By leading the largest leasehold engagement survey of its kind in 2015, Tpas understand that Leaseholders often perceive themselves as neglected and, where they live alongside tenants in similar properties, are very aware of different charging policies for services such as repairs and major works.

We also understand the enormous challenge faced by landlords as they balance the specific needs of leaseholders alongside the pressures of providing safe and secure homes for the majority of their social rent tenants.

Why choose Tpas:

Unlike other consulting approaches, Tpas start from the premise that the experts in addressing issues with your services are the people who face them every day, your leaseholders.  

What may inhibit you from understanding and facilitating change is a range of interlinking factors – inability to see underlying problems, previous breakdowns in relationships, siloed thinking, even legal understanding.

Using years of expertise and national research we will take the time to understand and facilitate positive change in your organisation.

What could we do for you?

As with all projects, we will sit down and fully assess and understand the challenges you experience and the impact you’d like to have. From our experience organisations that wish to review and improve Leaseholder engagement often seek our support to:

  • Build trust with your leaseholders
  • Understand new, innovative ways to engage.
  • Better satisfaction rates with leaseholders
  • Demonstrate how your services offer value for money for leaseholders
  • Improve the process of involving leaseholders
  • Create clear, long-term planning templates for major works
  • Standardise the way of engaging and communicating with leaseholders and tenants.
  • Produce simple guide packs for leaseholders to support transparency, communication and understanding.

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Why choose Tpas?

Well established

We've been promoting, supporting and championing tenant involvement and empowerment across England for over three decades

Not for profit

Investing in Tpas means benefitting from the latest tenant involvement policies and practices but also securing and supporting the future of the tenant involvement agenda


We offer the only independent evidence-based accreditation scheme that assesses resident involvement arrangements.

Expert advice

Our shared knowledge, expertise and experience with staff, tenants, landlord and contractors are the building blocks of this organisation.