Member news

There is so much great work going on in the social housing sector. We want to shout about what our members are doing including recognising organisations and people. You can share your stories with us which will be featured on our member news section.

In particular we are keen to hear about tenant and community engagement activity to show that engagement is still as important as ever and is delivering improvements and positive change.

You can also tell us about any other achievements or recognition that you have received or about your housing concerns; local issues and organisational change and how you are dealing with this. We are interested to know about:

  • Your successes
  • Your projects
  • Your people
  • Your issues
  • Your views

How can you share your stories?

  • Send us your press releases
  • Send us a link to articles on your own online news pages

Where should you send articles?

Send all information to Lisa Holt in the Membership Team



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