Colchester Borough Homes Become Tpas Accredited

Wednesday 28th of February 2024

Tpas accreditations are here to help you develop a strong culture of involvement across your organisation and drive business improvements with your tenants and customers.

Julie Pearsall, Customer Involvement Officer at Colchest Borough Homes said

"We believe in the power of genuine customer and tenant engagement, which is why we embrace the accreditation process offered by Tpas. This rigorous evaluation not only provides an independent check on our organisations customer involvement but also drives continuous improvement in our services. By completing this process, we demonstrated our commitment to customer involvement, ensuring that our approach is effective and offers the best value for money.  
This external verification highlights our dedication to transparency and accountability, building trust with our customers.  
Through robust questioning, evidence-based verification, and reality checking, we ensure that our engagement efforts are grounded in real data and feedback.  
This accreditation scheme not only sets clear standards but also offers a systematic review of our approach, providing assurance of high standards and inclusivity. By obtaining this accreditation, we showcase our responsiveness to residents' needs, adherence to regulatory standards, and commitment to continuous improvement. 
 It's not just about saying we're great at what we do; it's about proving it through independent validation”  I would make this a must for all Housing providers to achieve, the process was well managed by Tpas and Gilian was outstanding supportive and friendly, sign up today, the improvements you can achieve make it all worth while."


Tpas offer the only independent evidence-based accreditation scheme that assesses your resident involvement arrangements. By completing the rigorous accreditation process you demonstrate your commitment to resident involvement and ensure your approach is effective and offers the best value for money. Join over 20 other landlords across England who have aspired for, and achieved, the best in tenant engagement.

Accreditations are available to both landlords and contractors.