Customer Journey Mapping with Phonenix Community Housing

Friday 3rd of May 2024

Our Head of Consultancy, Julie Butterworth recently spent two days with teams from Phoenix Community Housing in London.
The first day was spent with their residents trying to understand their ‘lived experience’ when their homes had damp and mould.  We heard how the drops in communication were frustrating, and how that affected them during the process of handling the works. Systems when information wasn’t transferred also affected the speed of the response. 
The day was also observed by members of Phoenix’s Resident Scrutiny Panel, who attended to see how the resident-led housing association looks to improve a process from the customer's perspective.
The second day was held with a wide breadth of the team at Phoenix, from the contact centre, to repairs, planned works, surveyors, project managers and compliance, to see where the drops in communication could be improved. There has already been a lot of system improvement work completed, so there was a particular focus on communications where some system updates are not yet in place. 

Pictured above: John Ball, Alicia Munroe, Shola Adejubu, Julie Butterworth, Natasha Briscoe, Jennifer Argent