Giving residents a space to have their say with The Big Conversation

Thursday 5th of October 2023

(Pictured: residents with Senior Housing Officer Danielle) 

This September affordable housing provider Honeycomb Group launches customer involvement event visiting communities to give residents an opportunity to have their say. 

The two-week roadshow event saw staff from across the organisation visit schemes and communities to start conversations with residents and find out what matters to them. 

The housing provider’s Customer Involvement Team arranged the event with the aim of providing another platform for residents to have their say and feel like their voices were heard. 

Throughout the week staff asked for feedback and completed surveys to find out what matters most to them. This feedback will go on to inform the providers wider strategy and improve services for customers. 

With the rising cost of living, the team also had a mobile pantry on offer with essentials like cereal, tinned products, and household essentials available to anyone in need. 

(Pictured: Housing Officer Mandy and Customer Involvement Officer Katie)

Customer Involvement Officer Katie Wakefield says the week was a success with 38 staff volunteers, 106 locations visited, 296 surveys completed, over 180 actions raised and over 600 residents spoken to. 

“It’s been a brilliant week”, explained Katie. 

“Giving customers the opportunity to have their say and influence our services is so important at Honeycomb Group. 

“Our residents have first-hand experience of what our homes and services are like, so their feedback is invaluable. 

“The Big Conversation event is just one of the ways we’re helping to break down the barriers and ensuring we reach as many of our residents as possible, giving them the chance to have their say. 
“The event also allowed staff from across the Group to get out and speak to customers, highlighting that residents should always be at the heart of everything they do. 

“It was a great success with feedback received from over 600 residents. 

“We’ll now work with teams from across the organisation using the feedback to influence our homes and services. 

“I want to say a big thank you to all of the customers who got involved!”

Residents from across the schemes were grateful to see a presence in their communities offering an additional platform for them to have their say. 

One resident said: “Thanks Staffs Housing! It was so lovely having you knock on our doors and being able to voice our problems if we had any.”

Another said: “The Big Conversation is a really great initiative and means we can speak to staff face to face. The food parcels are a great idea and a good way of helping out.” 

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