Its brilliant to welcome 2 new members!

Tuesday 14th of November 2017

Were delighted to have 2 new members join the Tpas family - Welcome to Karbon Homes and Newark & Sherwood Homes who have joined this month!  

It was great to hear from Mary Ormston, Community Enagement Officer on why Karbon Homes decided to join..

'Karbon Homes are excited to be members of TPAS for the support and advice available to our organisation, our tenants and our wider communities. 

We are committed to ensuring our tenants have the opportunity to influence the work that we do and help us to continuously improve our services.  To help us achieve this, both tenants and staff look forward to networking with other organisations, sharing good practice and engaging in TPAS events, conferences and training'

We are looking forward to working closely with all your staff and tenants


To read more about these new members, visit their websites:

Karbon Homes

Newark & Sherwood Homes