New Member Briefing on Labour Party Green Paper

Wednesday 25th of April 2018

Tpas introduce Labour's Housing Green Paper 'Housing for the Many' and discuss what this means for engagement. 

John Healey and Jeremy Corbyn launched Labour’s Housing Green paper ‘Housing for the Many’ on 19th April, at a conference hosted by the LGA.

The launch coincided to be a week before the local elections that are due to take place on May 3rd

The government is yet to publish its housing green paper. Following Labours bold and ambitious housing green paper, it will be interesting to see what will be included in the government’s housing strategy.


Tpas welcomes the bold intentions and ambitions on increasing the supply of more affordable homes nationally, a redefinition of affordable homes linked to local incomes rather than market prices and an intention to stop the conversion of existing much needed social housing homes to affordable rents.  


We are heartened to see a strong focus on making homes safe and making fire safety the first standard in a new decent homes 2 programme. 


Tpas particularly welcome the focus on giving tenants clear expectations around involvement and putting a higher emphasis on consumers rights standards as part of the regulation of social housing as well as the current focus on financial viability and professional governance of the sector. 


Download our briefing for members which offers the headline policies and discusses what this means for engagement and involvement. 

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