Our 27 new landlords

Thursday 7th of December 2017

So as we gallop towards the end of another year, we are absolutely thrilled to report that 2017 has so far brought us 27 new Landlord members.


This fantastic news is not just great for us at Tpas, who can re-invest this membership fee back into the business, but also for tenant engagement generally as it really shows the importance that organisations are placing on their tenant engagement business.


We would therefore like to give a big welcome to the latest five organisations to join us


  • Incommunities
  • Yorkshire Housing
  • Karbon Homes
  • L&Q
  • Newark and Sherwood Homes

Why did they join?


Yorkshire Housing


“Yorkshire Housing are delighted to be a member of Tpas, as tenant engagement is something we are working hard on at present.

We are really looking forward to getting going on working with Tpas to ensure we are providing the best opportunities for our tenants to get involved in improving our services. We are excited to see the good practice others are sharing on the forums, and making use of the online resources.”


Karbon Homes


"Karbon Homes are excited to be members of Tpas for the support and advice available to our organisation, our tenants and our wider communities. 

We are committed to ensuring our tenants have the opportunity to influence the work that we do and help us to continuously improve our services.  To help us achieve this, both tenants and staff look forward to networking with other organisations, sharing good practice and engaging in Tpas events, conferences and training."




"Incommunities values engagement with customers, and in the current economic climate where many public services are being scaled back or cut,  we want to work with TPAS in the area of engaging communities. One of our priorities is to find ways of assisting communities and individuals to overcome the challenges of finding work and adjusting to the changes brought about by welfare reform. We feel that communities and community partners are vital to achieving this and look forward of finding effective ways of working with them".


Newark Homes and Sherwood Homes

"Newark and Sherwood Homes is dedicated to our mission, ‘Delivering Excellent Housing Services.’

One of the key ways to deliver this is through engaging with our tenants and encouraging tenant involvement in the management of their homes.

We are excited to become a part of the Tpas community and will be using this opportunity to share best practice and undertake training, supporting our desire to continuously improve and provide value for money. We are looking forward to using the services that Tpas offer as well as training; including policy briefings and consultations".

Making the most of it


We want to make sure that your membership is working for you so please give me a shout if you have any membership questions or if you just want to check that you’re making the most of all of your member benefits.

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