Residents group urges council to reinstate funding

Monday 20th of February 2017

A VOLUNTARY residents group are calling for Essex County Council (ECC) to reconsider its proposal to withdraw the Housing Related Support (HRS) funding for some of the county’s most vulnerable tenants.


CHP Residents’ Voice (CHPRV) - an independent group of volunteers and tenants of Essex housing association, CHP - are concerned that the withdrawal of HRS funding will severely impact the quality of life for many elderly sheltered scheme members. The HRS funding provides many elderly residents with the opportunity, with the support of a scheme manager, to live an independent life.


The CHPRV are concerned that this will not only affect the residents living in CHP’s sheltered housing schemes but also those residing in other housing association sheltered homes throughout Essex.


The group are also highlighting how the withdrawal of the funding could mean a number of elderly and vulnerable residents are inappropriately housed due to the removal of the care package.


“The care of the elderly, vulnerable and infirm is at the forefront of many people’s minds at the moment, both locally and nationally,” said Colin Rolfe, Chair of CHP Residents’ Voice. “This is why as a group we are urging ECC to reconsider their positon with regards to the HRS policy – which is essentially a contractual agreement between housing providers and the council.


“The withdrawal of this funding will mean many of the most vulnerable will have to be placed in care homes. This will be an additional cost to ECC - and ultimately the taxpayer - as many elderly residents are concerned that they will be unable to cover the higher care costs themselves. It is due to this affecting so many elderly and vulnerable residents throughout Essex that we respectively request the ECC to reconsider their position.”