Scrutiny Services

We will work with you to ensure your resident-led scrutiny gets results.

Involving residents to examine decisions, policies and actions that affect their home brings massive improvements, enhances transparency and helps you deliver more effective services. It’s a real win-win. It’s little wonder then that  getting scrutiny right is such a massive priority for organisations,

Why choose Tpas?


We have helped 100s of landlords through our first class mentoring, training and support services to deliver smarter, stronger and more effective scrutiny.

We do this through a flexible and tailored approach that seeks to embed the following three principles of good scrutiny into a framework that works for your organisation



The scrutineers need to have the independence to choose the areas they wish to scrutinise and carry out that scrutiny



They need a formal remit with clear terms which clarifies their role and boundaries of scrutiny including how it relates with other resident involvement activities, the landlords and the board/council


Resident power:

For scrutiny to be effective it has to be able to influence the direction of the organisation and its services. It requires clear powers and linkages to ensure this is the case.

Tpas knows that moving forward, organisations need to continue to develop and change and this can include looking at more innovative and creative ways of engaging with their tenants and residents.

By working with Tpas you’ll have access to learning from the past; we’ll help your scrutiny model become fit for the future, ensuring it is effective and embedded within the organisation to drive forward your business performance.   

What could we do for you?   

All our scrutiny services drive change, increase efficiency and have a positive impact on tenant satisfaction and transparency.   We can help you:


  • recruit your scrutiny members through our scrutiny specific assessments centres and recruitment services
  • retain our best scrutiny people by assisting with your appraisals, training and mentoring
  • develop your scrutiny panels ability to challenge and question effectively enabling them to successfully hold the organisation to account
  • Unleash the power for tenant scrutiny to prioritise, tailor and improve your businesss by taking scrutiny members through a full review
  • embed good practices and procedures within your organisation to future proof your scrutiny
  • review your currents scrutiny arrangements and suggest alternative approaches
  • manage team dynamics providing conflict resolution and solution services if needed

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Why choose Tpas?

Well established

We've been promoting, supporting and championing tenant involvement and empowerment across England for over three decades

Not for profit

Investing in Tpas means benefitting from the latest tenant involvement policies and practices but also securing and supporting the future of the tenant involvement agenda


We offer the only independent evidence-based accreditation scheme that assesses resident involvement arrangements.

Expert advice

Our shared knowledge, expertise and experience with staff, tenants, landlord and contractors are the building blocks of this organisation.