Accredited training

Tpas is an Approved Centre delivering courses accredited by Open Awards.

What is accredited training?

Accredited training is training recognised by an awarding body. It guarantees the participant has achieved a certain level of skills and competence in that subject area. To acheive a qualification or award participants must produce work that is assessed by a designated tutor. All marking is then verified through quality checks by the awarding body before certificates are issued.

Open Awards accredited training

Tpas offer a range of short 10 hour Level 2 Awards accredited by Open Awards.  They are great introduction to accredited training for staff and volunteers.   The courses are offered as in house face to face training over two days or through tutor led Elearning over two weeks.

Courses include:

  • Understanding Tenant Scrutiny  - face to face and e learning
  • Understanding Housing Management Performance Information - face to face and e learning
  • Social Media - Getting Involved Online  - E learning
  • Effective Meetings - face to face and E learning 
  • Tenant Involvement

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Also from Tpas

Tpas also offers a full support and mentoring service to help organisations develop their approach to tenant engagement, involvement and scrutiny. Check out our consultancy offers influence and scrutiny,  engagement strategy  and many others. 

What people say

I thoroughly enjoyed the course, the tutor was extremely enthusiastic, knowledgeable  and supportive which enabled me to have confidence in my understanding of the topics.

Good effective tutorials and training. Very informative and helpful the course was just what I needed to help me understand what is expected of me.

The whole thing was a big eye opener. Trainer was articulate and a good communicator.