Online Sessions

We run a number of online sessions throughout the year including webinars, workshops, summits, roundtables, and training. All sessions cover a variety of Housing and Engagement topics designed to maximise your learning, networking and development.  To see what's currently on offer check out our Events and Training Calendar below.

Is there a cost?

For our members, we offer a large number of free online sessions. These are marked as "Free" so you know before you book your place. We do charge for non Tpas members so why not find out about Tpas membership - it could save you money in the long run!

How do I book?

Once you have decided which online sessions you want to join, just book your place using the link given. Once you have booked, you will get an E mail from Tpas with all the information you need to get you ready to take part. 

Past Sessions

If you want to watch a past online session then head over to our Resource Hub, and type webinar in the keyword search box. A list of all our past sessions will then be displayed ready for you to watch in own time. 


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Courses list:

What people say:

Dealing With Complaints During COVID-19

‘I was impressed with the format and ability to ask questions. One of the best webinars I have attended to date.’

Digital Democracy in Your AGM 

‘The webinar was extremely well presented, to the point and kept to the topic’.

Getting the Most from Your Tpas Membership 

'I am really enjoying what you have been doing so far - I am not very tech savy so wasn't sure'

Scrutiny - Gathering the Evidence 

'An instructive and enjoyable webinar, which benefitted from being clearly laid out, with good graphics and, at times complex, issues being explained in plain English. Thank you for hosting it.'