Group & Committee Skills - An Introduction

A great course that will help you reflect on the role of the group and what it is set up to achieve, understand the roles and expectations of the Chair and other committee members and get the most from 

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27 January 2017 - Nottingham

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This essential introductory course looks at the purpose of your group and the role the chair and other committee members play.  It covers members' roles and responsibilities, committee protocols, expectations for chairing meetings, tips for forward planning as well as activities to help you make the most of your role.  It is full advice to help you develop your skills and offers an ideal opportunity to meet and learn from other people.

Course Content

  • Refelct o nthe pur[ose of your group and what it is set up to achieve
  • Explore committee members' roles and responsibilities within the group
  • Develop essential skills to help you be an effective committee / group member
  • Discover hints and tips for chairing a meetings
  • Make plans for moving your group forward and acheiving your goals
  • Identify your personal development plan


This is an introductory course and is great for residents and community representatives who are new chairs or committee members or any type of invovlement group.  It is also an excellent refresher for those who would like to develop their skills as well as a good introduction for new staff who need to advise and support tenant invovlement groups.

Benefits of Attending the Course

You will gain valuable knowledge, have developed essential skills and will feel much more confident in your chair and committee member role.

What People Say

'I found all aspects of the course beneficial, there was an abundance of invaluable information'

'It has provided me with lots of insight into my specific role as chair of the resident service inspectors'

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Wed 15th Feb 2017, 10:00am - 4:00pm

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City Centre, Exeter, Devon, .


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Name: Tpas Training Team


Phone: 0161 868 3520

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