Digital Engagement - How Social Media Can Help You

A course to help you explore the fast moving world of social media and learn to make the most of your phone, tablet or computer. This is not a course for computer nerds - just the opposite. It's for anyone who wants to discover new ways to communicate, consult or collaborate and improve the reach of their engagement.

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14 September 2017 - Manchester

5 December 2017 - Exeter

Further details

This course is designed to give you the information and confidence you need to begin your digital journey or try new approaches. Explore making the most of your phone, setting up a Facebook page, sharing information and getting information out to the people who need it and much, much more.

We're not saying digital engagement is a replacement for meeting up face to face but it can make your face to face contact much more effective. New apporahces boraden your reach and enable you to research, network, share and generate ideas and collaborate anywhere, at anytime.

Course content

  • Learn about digital technology and its capabilities
  • Discover how to communicate effectively using social media
  • Explore how to work collaboratively online
  • Consider how best to communicate with landlords and other organisations using smart phones, apps, tablets and laptops
  • Examine good practice examples of how digital technology and social media is being used in the social housing sector to enhance tenant involvement
  • Look at the Community Reporter role and the use of information technology in resident-led scrutiny
  • Explore online fundraising opportunities


This workshop is designed for tenants and residents who are new to the world of tablets and Twitter, androids and Instagram and want to understand how they can use the technology to engage with other tenants, members of the community, their landlord and other agencies. It is also designed for tenant participation workers and staff who are involved in tenant engagement and who are tasked with using their employer's IT resources to open up new channels of communication with their customers.

By completing this course you will

Feel more confidence to engage with the tenants and communities you work or volunteer with and to understand which methods are best for with projects.

What people have said

Widespread within what it encompasses, knowledgeably presented, good open discussion

A good way to gain more understanding of technology available to you and how you can use it from an organisations point of view

It has made me aware of how much I can get from my ‘digital world’ and understand more how to use it

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Tue 31st Oct 2017, 10:00am - 4:00pm

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