Tenant Engagement - Fresh Approaches and Delivering on the Standards

Get your engagement into shape - fast - for 2018.

Tenant engagement is now a Government and Regulatory area of priority and top of the housing agenda. This course provides a crash course on the role of tenant engagement in housing today; how it makes great business sense and the difference volunteers and staff can make when they work together. It will equip you with all you need to know to get involved, plan, evaluate and refresh your approaches. Be ready for 2018.

How can this course help you?

  • Organisations are under pressure to demonstrate they are listening to tenants and communities and consulting about the things that matter. This course gives you the framework to make this work.
  • Staff and volunteers are often recruited to new roles and expected to know all about engagement even if they have no experience. This course provides an induction or refresher for everyone. The why? What? Who? Where? When? And how?
  • Approaches are sometimes set up without really working out what they are there for. This course will help you get the planning right and build in measures of success.
  • Few people really understand the scope of tenant engagement the wide range of effective approaches and techniques put there, the course will give you ideas about fresh approaches.
  • Housing providers are expected to self assess on whether they are achieving the standards for tenant engagement. The course will give you questions to ask to self assess and plan improvements.

Who should attend?

An introduction or refresher for all staff or volunteers. This course is useful as an induction to staff in any of a housing providers services, it is essential for all tenant / community engagement staff. It is ideal for tenant volunteers to provide the background to why their landlord has recruited them as a volunteer and what they can achieve through their voluntary time.   

By completing this course you will

  • know the full scope of tenant engagement from gathering information from tenants to strategic roles;

  • be able to get involved in or plan engagement that links to business success;

  • be aware of the Tpas National Standards and Regulatory expectations for engagement and use them to develop approaches that deliver;
  • have explored a range of new and already successful approaches including face to face, online and task and finish examples;
  • plan to develop your role and the role of volunteers and staff;
  • Know how to plan and evaluate your tenant engagement and review its success.

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Mon 19th Mar 2018, 10:00am - 4:00pm

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Tenant Engagement - 19/03/2013
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