Better Groups, Better Chairing

For committee members or chairs – practical tips to ensure your group / meetings work.

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15 March 2018 - London

Whatever the group it will probably have to meet ( even online!),  so getting the most from each member and ensuring any meetings are properly managed to achieve good decisions and actions is vital. The course looks at members' roles and responsibilities, the written and unwritten rules of working as a group, what makes a good chair and the importance of planning. It is full of practical tips and advice.


How can this course help you?


  • When we join a new group there are always the ‘unwritten rules’ that we only discover when we break them. This course can help you understand behaviours and make sense of what is going on in your group.
  • No – one is born knowing how to run a meeting, the role of the chair, how an agenda works or what minutes should look like. Look no further this course will give you all you need to confidently take part.
  • There is nothing more off putting to volunteers and staff than meetings for meetings sake, hours in a room with nothing to show as a result. Bad meetings with poor chairing give tenant engagement a bad name. This course is designed to put a stop to those bad or unnecessary meetings.
  • There is not just one type of meeting or one type of group– we may meet to plan, generate ideas, decide, support etc  -this course will help you develop a style to suit your group.
  • Chairing is a challenging role but is helped if you have a few chairing tools up your sleeve and if all of the group understand your role and how they can help. Learn about what works.



 Who should attend?

This is great for staff and volunteers who want to improve the way their group works or expand their chairing skills. An excellent refresher or a good introduction.


By completing this course you will

  • Gain clarity on your groups purpose and how you can achieve your aims;
  • Explore group roles and responsibilities;
  • Develop essential skills to help you be an effective group member;
  • Discover hints and tips for chairing a meetings;
  • Discover what can go wrong and how to avoid it happening;
  • Plan to move your group forward.

What people say

'I found all aspects of the course beneficial; there was an abundance of invaluable information'

'It has provided me with lots of insight into my specific role as chair of the resident service inspectors'

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Mon 26th Feb 2018, 10:00am - 4:00pm

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Tpas Offices

Suite 4b Paragon House, 48 Seymour Grove, Old Trafford, Manchester, M16 0LN


Better Groups, Better Chairing - 26/02/2018
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Phone: 0161 868 3520

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