Tenants Associations - It's Time to Get Organised

Local knowledge and insight in your communities. Deliver and support groups that achieve and thrive.

Hearing the local voice of tenants and communities is a key topic right now but in some areas support for tenants and residents groups from housing providers has been thin on the ground. Whether you are already a group member, wanting to start up a new association or a staff member providing support this course will provide all you need to build strong foundations as well as tips and approaches to help you generate groups that thrive and achieve their goals.

What will this course do for you and the group?

  • Being heard by services and agencies requires a coherent case to be made; you will explore how to support your case with evidence and feel better equipped to challenge and campaign;
  • Groups worry about rules, meetings and who does what and this can often get in the way of moving forward. This course will give you the confidence to do what you need to without getting bogged down;
  • Long standing associations can get stuck in old ways of working and lose focus - this course will reinvigorate your action planning and get you fired up to achieve outcomes;
  • Being representative is always a big issue, you will learn how to research and to communicate with the community you serve,  and understand that they don’t all need to be at your meetings.  

Who should attend?

The course is designed for people wanting to set up or reinvigorate a tenants / residents group. Also for staff whose role involves supporting and developing tenants or groups.

By completing this course you will

  • Feel confident to tackle issues important to your members
  • Ensure that your group is heard by the people you want to hear you
  • Develop a clear vision and plan
  • Create ways of working that make you more representative
  • Know your way round a constitution and how to review it
  • Be clear of the roles of officers and committees and the essential tasks

What people say

This is a new course, we will share what people have said about the course after the first one.

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Wed 17th Jan 2018, 10:00am - 4:00pm

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Tpas Offices

Suite 4b Paragon House, 48 Seymour Grove, Old Trafford, Manchester, M16 0LN


Tenants Associations - Get Organised - 17/01/2018
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Non-Members £265.00 £139.00

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Name: Tpas Training Team

Email: training@tpas.org.uk

Phone: 0161 868 3520

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