Housing Policy Legislation - Today's Hot Topics

A new course, keeping you up to date and giving you a chance to explore topical issues in housing today.

The last few years have seen constant change in the direction of housing policy and who knows what this year will bring? This course gives you news about what's new and current trends with some context of what went before to bring it to life.

Other dates

28 November 2017 - Taunton

11 January 2018 - London

Further details

Setting the scene with a flying visit through a timeline of significant changes in housing policy, this course then takes on 4 themes giving you an overview and time to debate the issues with your follow participants.

  • Housing supply - what's being build, where and what tenure
  • Tenancies - what's changed and what are the implications
  • Benefits - an overview of the key changes that impact on housing and the ability to pay for it
  • Homelessness - the causes, the issues in truing to solve it and the changes to legislation

Course content

  • A fly through the key events that have shaped the current housing policy
  • Exploring the issues for housing supply nationally and locally - there's not just one housing market out there
  • Examining the changes to tenancy and what introductory, fixed term, affordable rent and others really mean
  • Considering the complex link between rents, earnings, benefits and 'affordability'
  • Understanding the statutory definitions of homelessness compared to the public view of homelessness and the complexities of the issue
  • Considering what the key housing issues are in our own communities


This course is designed for tenants and residents who want to understand the context of the voluntary work they do with their housing provider and in their own communities. It is also for staff new to the world of social housing and wanting a grounding in the current issues and approaches.

By completing this course you will

Have more of a rounded view of where social housing fits in to the wider housing supply debate. Consider how the complexities of changes to housing supply, tenancy types, benefit changes and homelessness make an already complex housing world even more difficult to navigate.

What people have said

Excellent up to date information, plenty of discussion and answers to questions

This has been a very informative course with a lively level of group participation on all subjects in a very professional and humane way

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Wed 10th Jan 2018, 10:00am - 4:00pm

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Tpas Offices

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Housing Policy & Legislation - 10/01/2018
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