Improving Performance and Value for Money

Tenant engagement is all about tenants influencing services, strategies and standards. Volunteers can only work confidently with landlords to do this if they have access to the right information and an understanding of the factors affecting service delivery.

This course examines current issues affecting housing services, the standards set for those services and how performance can be measured and improved. The course shows the range of information needed to take a view on value for money. It also looks at how tenants and residents can be involved in co designing services that work.

Other dates

22 August 2018 - Midlands

10 October 2018 - North West

Further details

The course will take a broad look at the issues giving staff and volunteers the context in which to go back to their organisations and better involve volunteers in influencing services and performance.

The course will

  • Look at what the regulator Homes England expects of landlords services;
  • Reflect on what tenants, leaseholders and service users expect from landlords services;
  • Examine performance standards and performance information and how this information can be used;
  • Consider the information you need to see to assess whether a service is providing good value for money;
  • Find out more about the techniques housing providers use to  review and improve services;
  • Gain clarity on where tenant scrutiny fits in and how tenants can work with landlords to co design effective services  and monitor performance against the standards set;
  • Look at case studies of current approaches.


Involved tenants and residents who work with their landlords to improve and monitor services and carry out scrutiny reviews. Staff who work with tenants to scrutinise and improve services.

By completing this course you will

Feel equipped to go back to your organisations and get together the information and approaches you need in order to work together to address service and value for money issues.

New Course

This new course builds on the success of our previous courses ‘Understanding Housing Management Performance Information’ and ‘Value for Money’.

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Tue 11th Sep 2018, 10:00am - 4:00pm

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Improving Performance and Value for Money
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