Working With Communities

A course designed to equip volunteers and staff to work effectively with local communities and other agencies. A practical course grounded in community development theory that will provide steps to building effective community projects and interventions.

Other dates

23 April 2018 - London

26 September 2018 - Leeds

Course content:

  • Explore the overarching principles of community development
  • Examine the links between community engagement, community developing and tenant involvement
  • Find out about different approaches to community development how they can be implemented in practice
  • Plan a community project
  • Build in fairness and overcome potential barriers
  • Appreciate the importance of reflection and evaluation in your community work


This course is aimed at staff and volunteers wanting a background in the theories and practices of community engagement and development with added practical ideas for implementation.

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Wed 9th May 2018, 10:00am - 4:00pm

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Working With Communities
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