Revise and Revitalise Your Engagement

One of the priorities of the 2018 Social Housing Green Paper is about being 'accountable to tenants and for organisation to hear and act upon tenant voices, priorities and issues'. It is important, therefore, that you are able to show that you have the mechanisms to connect with a wide range of tenants to both listen and act upon priorities and issues as well as having a wide range of rools in your toolkit to deliver inclusive engagement.

This workshop will provide you with the tools to Review, Revise and Revitalise your engagement model. We will work with you to ensure that it is futureproofed and has the systems in place to be accountable, to listen and to act upon issues and priorities.

What will the event cover?

The event will:

  • Set the national context for engagement based on the priorities of the Green Paper and the outcomes from the Tpas 2018 National Engagement Survey
  • Review - utilising the Tpas e-book for reviewing your engagement strategy and framework
  • Revise - identiy the key building blocks that should be addressed as part of an organisations approches for engagement
  • Revitalise - look at the new hot trends in engagement, agree an action plan for engagment approaches moving forward

What will delegates learn?

  • The event gives delegates the opportunity to reflect on their current engagement model within their organisation
  • It is an opportunity to make the vital changes to current engagement practices to ensure that they are futureproofed
  • Create a learning and sharing culture through a co-design approach
  • Sharing good practice from across the sector

Who should attend?

This event is suitable for engagement staff, board members and customers.

Trainer profile

The facilitator for this session iw Tpas Associate Jackie Grannell. Jackie has worked in the housing sector for 30 years and bas been a Tpas Associate for over 10 years. During her career she has managed a sheltered housing service, a leasehold housing service, been a housing manager providing a generic housing service and she was the Project Manager for a £13m regeneration project in Liverpool which involved demolition of high rise housing and the creation of an extra care village for older people. She has over 17 years experience as a housing consultant and 'Independent Tenant Advisor'. she is a qualified trainer and teaches and assesses the CIH Professional Practice Certificate. Jackis brings her experience of being an employee, board member and customer of the social housing sector.


Fri 19th Jul 2019, 10:30am - 3:00pm

Venue Details

Staffordshire Housing Association

308 London Road, ., Stoke on Trent, ., ST4 5AB


Revise & Revitalise Your Engagement 190719 M
Membership Staff Tenant
Members £100.00 £100.00
Non-Members £175.00 £175.00

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Name: Helen Phillips


Phone: 0161 868 3522

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