Scrutiny: Journey to Excellence

Newby, Tinkerer or Re-thinker? There's room for everyone on our brand new Scrutiny course.

Are you new to scrutiny, revamping your existing approach or maybe having a massive re-think following the new pressures emerging from the Together with Tenants Charter and the Green Paper? Wherever you are on your scrutiny journey, this course will get you there faster.

Course information

This one day course covers:

  • The principles and foundations of good scrutiny
  • How scrutiny fits with the political, regulatory and business requirements
  • What role scrutiny plays in relation to the Green Paper and the Together with Tenants Charter
  • Good scrutiny practices from across the country
  • Different scrutiny models
  • The skills and techniques needed to deliver the core scrutiny elements including:
  1. Choosing and scoping a topic
  2. Carrying out the review
  3. Reporting on scrutiny
  4. Tracking the impact
  5. Recruiting and sustaining scrutiny

Who is it for?

Designed for tenants, residents, customers, staff and board members. Will work for those new to scrutiny and those with more experience who want to refresh.

In house

Take the course in house on a date to suite you - prices start as low as £45 per person based on 16 delegates for Tpas Members.

Need to train
a group of people?

in-house could work out more cost effective


Mon 27th Jan 2020, 10:00am - 4:00pm

Venue Details

Queensgate Hotel

5-7 Fletton Ave, ., Peterborough, ., PE2 8AX


Scrutiny: Journey to Excellence 270120 East
Membership Staff Tenant
Members £200.00 £125.00
Non-Members £275.00 £175.00

Event Contact

Name: Helen Phillips


Phone: 0161 868 3522

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