ESG Focus Group

Help us attract more investment in Social Housing

We are partnering with the Good Economy to deliver a new focus group.

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Purpose of the focus group:

The aim of this focus group is to understand tenants and housing officers/managers views on what kind of criteria a housing organisation should be asked to demonstrate their Environmental and Social Impact. This is called the ESG performance.

Currently investors use the ESG performance to distinguish between Housing Associations that are high performing and low performing and use this information to make their financial decisions.

There is currently about £80 billion of debt, invested in housing organisations. The National Housing Federation estimate that £10 billion a year needs to be invested to meet the UK Housing need.

Further information:

The focus group will be held in a virtual and confidential space. You will be sent a link to the virtual space before the focus group and are asked to read this briefing document to equip you with the information you need to participate.

Click to download the briefing

How do I join the Focus Group?

We will be delivering this Focus Group on a system hosted by 'Go 2 Meeting'. In advance of the Focus Group, you will be sent a unique URL to join the event before it begins. In the meantime, please watch the video below to ensure you are able to join us. 


Tue 23rd Jun 2020, 2:00pm - 3:00pm

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Name: Helen Phillips


Phone: 0161 868 3500

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