Resident Communications Masterclass

Listen to Tpas Member Tripartum on how to create excellent resident communications.

James Shand brings a wealth of experience from the commercial world to really focus on the elements that deliver meaningful communications. With examples from the insurance world but also the social housing sector, his work on service charge and rent information might change the way you think about how you communicate with residents.

This session is suitable for all staff as well as involved residents.

Event Synopsis

Customer communication is an important part of the relationship in demonstrating trust with transparency. More information is expected by some customers whilst others simply want to know the headline information along with any action they need to take. Add in the regulatory requirements with prescriptive content then there are operational challenges to creating and delivering information to customers.


One challenge is consolidating all the variable data, financial and text, for individual customers and creating the documents to be delivered by their channel of choice. Unfortunately, many back-office systems only provide templates to merge fields of available data. This means documents turn out to be generic with recipient’s having to work out what applies to them.   


Digital technology solutions can help you communicate with customers as individuals with relevant information. Content can be structured and tailored for the recipient based on the data you have available along with selective graphics. James will discuss how content can be structured to help the recipient’s comprehension. How the effective use of data combined with variable text makes the document more relevant with clear guidance on actions as well as finding contact details. There are business benefits in taking this approach providing VfM solutions which improve the customer experience.

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We will be delivering this webinar on Zoom.  In advance of the session, you will be sent a unique URL to join the event before it begins. 

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About Tripartum

TriPartum create clear and engaging customer facing communications. Firmly established in the fields of customer communication management and customer experience, they produce and deliver solutions that optimise dynamic data driven documents ensuring they do what they need to do while looking great in your customers channel of choice.

TriPartum bring knowledgeable insights and a fresh perspective to organisations who seek to increase the effectiveness of their customer facing communications.

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Wed 24th Feb 2021, 10:00am - 12:30pm

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Resident Communications Masterclass
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