Strategic Thinking and Decision Making

Learn techniques to make insightful, balanced and considered plans and decisions.

Further Details

Tenants, as well as staff, are increasingly involved in making high level and important decisions and plans, from service improvement, to business planning.  This course uses a range of practical tools and introduces techniques to help you understand what it means and how to be strategic.  It covers the principles, skills and techniques that individuals and groups can use to make effective strategic decisions.

Course Content

  • Clarifying the roles and responsibilities of individual members and the group
  • Being strategic, what does it mean and the implications for your role
  • Helpful tools for making decisions
  • Tips for negotiation
  • Reaching a consensus
  • Evaluating and monitoring the decisions you make
  • Reflecting on your individual and group skills
  • Applying your learning to your role


This course is suitable for staff teams as well as resident and community groups, tenant panels, scrutiny and performance monitoring groups, national and regional panels and will help with business planning and high level discussions such as mergers.

Benefits of Attending the Course

You will be better prepared to plan for and to work together effectively.  You will feel more confident to make informed and balanced strategic decisions.

What People Say

'Clarified a jumble of ideas I had previously and made sense of them'

'It was all very interesting and thought provoking - although you make decisions daily, you don't think about it'

'The whole course I learnt new things about myself which will hopefully help me to make better more informed decisions in my personal and professional life'

'Excellent course - thank you


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