Planning for Successful Scrutiny

Find out how to plan your scrutiny projects to achieve maximum results.

Further Details

On this In-house course you will understand why and how to plan your scrutiny reviews so you make the most of the resources and achieve the greatest benefit.  Using a project management approach it looks at the range of activities that you can use, how to use performance data to guide you, techniques on planning for outcomes and how to evaluate your achievements.  The course will help you to develop a robust scrutiny project that adds value to both the organisation and tenants.

Course Content

  • How to use a range of project management techniques to help plan your review
  • Different methods of obtaining evidence
  • Using performance information to support your project
  • Planning for outcomes from the outset to show that scrutiny can make a difference
  • Develop measures so that you know when you have succeeded


This course is aimed at tenants who are involved in scrutiny.  It is also useful for staff who are working with tenants in planning a scrutiny review.

Benefits of Attending the Course

You will have more knowledge and confidence to plan your scrutiny projects so they will be based on evidence, achieve measurable outcomes and are successful.

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