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We are pleased to be holding these new online sessions for our members which will focus on areas that members said they were interested in.  These events will offer practical examples of what other Tpas members are doing in the sector. 

Join us for our Fishbowl Forums

Fishbowls Forums are specific, single topic, free, informal sessions that bring our members together to explore the issues that matter to them.

About the session

Using the fishbowl design, one of the liberating structures, members who have made concrete progress on the topic of interest, will share experiences with the rest of group, while in conversation with each other. They will use their time in the fishbowl to describe their experience—the good, the bad, and the ugly—informally, concretely, and openly as if there was no-one else there and they were just sharing stories in the staff kitchen or on the way to a meeting.  Those not in the fish bowl will be asked listen, observe nonverbal exchanges, and formulate questions within their small groups.

Our Fishbowl forums will focus on  

Fishbowl Forum: Offering incentives/rewards for engagement work – 16th June 1-3pm

Fishbowl Forum : Delivering Local offers – 24th June 11am – 1pm

Fishbowl Forum : Young People and Engagement - 11th August 11am - 1pm

How do I join the event?

We will be delivering this webinar on Zoom.  In advance of the session, you will be sent a unique URL to join the event before it begins. 


Thu 24th Jun 2021, 11:00am - 1:00pm

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This event is members only.

Event Contact

Name: Lisa Holt


Phone: 01618683500

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