Stigma and Social Housing in England (Free)

This webinar will be led by Mercy Denedo (Durham University Business School) and Amanze Ejogu (University of Leicester)

Every day in England, people are judged negatively and even actively discriminated against because they rent their home from a social landlord. While it is hard to fathom why such sigmatization occurs, it is the reality faced by many people and their families who are living in socially rented accommodation in England.

Why should people have to face this type of stigmatization just because they live in social housing? What is the impact of this type of stigma on the lives of social housing tenants? How is it challenged? Seeking answers to these questions led us on a journey which resulted in our report titled Stigma and Social Housing in England.

In this webinar we will discuss our findings and open up the webinar for a dialogue on our consultations questions (see page 59 of the report).

We believe that for change to emerge within the social housing sector, everyone needs to play their parts. There is a need for honest conversations and spirited engagement around this issue by all stakeholders in the social housing sector and this conversation should not be limited to the government, politicians, the media, housing providers and tenants.

We hope that you would join us in this webinar.


Mon 20th Sep 2021, 10:00am - 11:30am

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Stigma in Social Housing
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