Tenants Merger Roundtable - London

Join us for a discussion on tenants’ roles in mergers, partnerships and other structural changes

Broadway House, Tothill Street, London
Thursday 21st July 2016, 10am to 12:30pm

Tpas would like to invite our member involved tenants to participate in a discussion on the roles and experiences of tenants in mergers, partnerships and other major organisational changes. 

Mergers in particular are very visible in the social housing sector at present, and questions have been raised about where tenants fit into decision making and what other options can be considered.

Tpas is pleased to be working with a group of housing associations who have come together to develop some principles and guidance on how to consider all options and keep the organisation on the front foot, how to achieve successful outcomes and avoid mistakes made by others, and how tenants can be part of making strategy and decisions. More information on the project is included with this invitation.

We are hosting two sessions, with about 15 places at each (this is the second event) where we want to spend a couple of hours exploring these issues with tenants.

These sessions will enable us to explore tenants’ views and experiences in some depth. Some of our participants will have direct experience of different types of organisational change, others will be more interested to discuss principles and potential working practices. Discussions will be confidential but the opinions shared will feed into the final report and guidance that is produced.

I do hope you will be able to identify someone to come along. We are aware that Tpas members value opportunities for tenants and involvement staff to engage with matters of sector-wide importance, and we work hard to create such opportunities.

Please confirm your place on the roundtable discussion with leanne.farrell@tpas.org.uk or call on  0161 868 3552

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Thu 21st Jul 2016, 10:00am - 12:30pm

Venue Details

Broadway House

Tothill Street, London, London, SW1H 9NQ


Event Contact

Name: Leanne Farrell

Email: leanne.farrell@tpas.org.uk

Phone: 0161 868 3500

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