Celebrating Three Years of Cultivating an Empowering Customer Engagement

Thursday 29th of February 2024

Celebrating Three Years of Cultivating an Empowering Customer Engagement: Get Involved Network Launch Revolutionary Platform For Tpas England
In development for the past three years, Get Involved Network (GIN), and Tpas England have achieved a milestone in customer engagement. The fruits of their collaboration have culminated in developing a cutting-edge platform that redefines how Tpas connect with their members and fosters peer-to-peer communication and sharing best practices.
Since its inception, Get Involved Network, powered by Tenants Hub Community Interest Company, has been dedicated to revolutionising customer engagement. Through a steadfast partnership with Tpas England, a renowned expert in tenant engagement, the platform has evolved into a dynamic ecosystem boasting over 1200 active users. This platform has been groundbreaking for Tpas, empowering tenants, customers, and members alike to connect, communicate, and collaborate seamlessly in private groups.
With a keen focus on research and development, Get Involved Network, and Tpas England have meticulously fine-tuned the platform to meet the evolving needs of their users. The result? A robust customer engagement solution that transcends industry standards and sets a new benchmark for excellence.
"At Get Involved Network, we believe in the power of community and collaboration," said Simon Gabriel, project manager. "Our partnership with Tpas England has enabled us to harness this power and deliver a platform that empowers organisations to engage with their members in meaningful ways."
Through Get Involved Network's intuitive interface, users can access many features to streamline communication and foster community engagement. From private group discussions to real-time messaging, the platform provides a centralised hub for users to connect, share insights, and drive collective action.
"We are thrilled to celebrate three years of innovation and collaboration with Get Involved Network,"
remarked Louise Holt, Head of Membership Services at Tpas England. "Together, we have reimagined what it means to engage with customers and have paved the way for a more inclusive and connected future."
As Get Involved Network and Tpas England mark this significant milestone, Get Involved Network looks forward to extending the reach of their platform and empowering even more organisations to drive meaningful engagement with their members.
For organisations seeking to unlock the full potential of customer engagement, the Get Involved Network platform stands as a testament to the power of partnership, innovation, and community.
To learn more about Get Involved Network visit www.getinvolved.network

About Get Involved Network:
Get Involved Network (GIN) powered by Tenants Hub is a leading provider of customer engagement solutions. With a mission to empower organisations to connect, communicate, and collaborate with their members, GIN delivers innovative platforms designed to drive meaningful engagement and foster community-driven initiatives.
About Tpas England:
Tpas England is a respected authority in tenant engagement, dedicated to promoting excellence in tenant involvement and empowerment. Through training, consultancy, and advocacy, Tpas England equips organisations with the tools and resources to engage effectively with their tenants and communities.