Fortem Collaborated with Tpas to Enhance Customer Service Skills of Customer Liaison Officers and Site Managers

Tuesday 20th of February 2024

Fortem is currently undertaking planned works for Lincolnshire housing and engaged in External Wall Insulation (EWI) and Retrofit projects for the councils of Hull and Birmingham. These projects will improve conditions and carbon emissions of homes in various regions. 

Recognising the importance of effective customer communication in their line of work, Fortem's Customer Care Manager, Rebecca Goodwin, reached out to Tpas for a tailored training package.

Helen Phillips, Tpas  Learning and Development Coordinator,  discussed Fortem's training requirements and assigned Samantha Goodwin, Tpas associate, to design and deliver the in-house training package.

The first session, focusing on customer care and communication skills, was deemed a big success by participants. The interactive nature of the training, coupled with the expertise of Sam, the Tpas associate, left a positive impact on Fortem's customer liaison officers.

Rebecca Goodwin stated, "Collaborating with Tpas to develop and provide customised training for our Customer Liaison Officers presents a significant opportunity for Fortem. Enhancing the skills of our workforce to empower them to provide an excellent quality service to our customers and clients is of utmost importance. This training initiative will undoubtedly contribute substantial value."



Following the success of the initial training session, two more sessions are scheduled for February and March. These sessions will cover topics such as "Dealing with Difficult Situations/Resolving Conflict" and "Complaint Handling". Fortem anticipates that these sessions will further equip their workforce with the necessary skills to advance the level of service provided.

A Customer Liaison Officer who attended the first training session shared their experience, stating, "Sam was very engaging and knowledgeable about the Customer Care Experience, this made the day enjoyable." The positive feedback reinforces the value of investing in specialized training to improve customer communication and satisfaction.

Fortem's work with Tpas reflects a proactive approach to improving customer care within the construction and maintenance industry. By investing in such training for their workforce, Fortem aims to provide an excellent quality service to their customers and clients. As the partnership progresses, Fortem's site managers and customer liaison officers will continue to benefit from enhanced skills, ultimately contributing to the success of ongoing and future projects.

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