General Election - Statement from Tpas Chief Executive - Jenny Osbourne MBE

Thursday 23rd of May 2024

Tpas welcomes the announcement of a general election and with it the opportunity it presents to have a serious discussion on what a new government needs to do about our housing crisis. With homelessness at record levels and housebuilding at an all-time low, we not only need more housing we also need the right housing. A commitment to more social housing, and alongside that, a pledge from the new government to work with the housing sector on improvements to existing stock that is vitally needed.

We have welcomed the current government and opposition parties’ steps towards empowering social housing tenants with their proactive engagement and commitments to the new Consumer Standards. We hope that the next government will take up the banner on the work still to be done in the sector in areas such as the Decent Homes Standard and Awaabs Law.

With the public regularly placing housing in their top five national priorities we ask that the political parties listen to that public concern and respond with positive and practical plans to tackle the problems we face.

As always, Tpas, with our members proven and strong commitment to positive engagement, stands ready to assist in the conversations that must lead to the solutions for our sector.