Grenfell Tower Fire - Tpas Statement

Friday 16th of June 2017

The tragedy which occurred at Grenfell Tower has been followed by a lot of comment and conjecture.

We simply do not know what happened and what caused the fire to spread so quickly and cause so much damage and loss of life.

We await the full enquiry and all the facts. At Tpas we believe that involving residents strengthens the relationship that a landlord has with its communities and improves both services and those communities.

We will not however comment on the tragedy or the organisations involved save to say that our thoughts are with the families of those who lost their lives and those that survived this terrible ordeal.

We would also add our voice in praise of the Fire Brigade and other services who worked so selflessly to save lives. Once all of us in UK housing have had time to reflect on this tragedy we know there will undoubtedly be tough lessons to learn and searching questions of us all on what we could do to keep tenants safer in the future.

Helping to ensure tenants have a respected and strong voice in those discussions will be an absolute commitment of Tpas when appropriate.