How behavioural insight can enhance engagement

Thursday 14th of June 2018

Join our pilot cohort and be at the forefront of something new

Many organisations are placing their plans for engagement and involvement under a microscope.  We know that many are faced with the challenge of increasing engagement and ensuring diversity across a range of structures as they refresh their approach.

Tpas have teamed up with Collaborative Change to develop a powerful and innovative approach to increasing engagement that you may have never tried before.   The Engagement Maximiser is a service that is designed to help you increase your levels of engagement.  As a result you will see greater numbers of residents engaging and improved levels of diversity leading to greater impact.


The use of Behavioural Insight approaches to improve outcomes is not a new science; it has been well tested across the private sector and more recently within the housing sector; huge improvements have been evidenced.  We want to work with you to apply this approach to improving engagement.   


If you sign up we will be working with you over the course of 12 months starting in October 2018

We will;

  1. Introduce your organisation to the principles of behavioural insights and how they can be applied to tenant engagement.
  2. Work with your teams to develop and plan interventions to increase quantity and diversity of engaged tenants.
  3. Engage with your customers to further refine these ideas and prepare for to launch.
  4. Provide ongoing support to ensure interventions are evidence-based and driven by the latest research in the behavioural sciences.
  5. Support your teams to rigorously evaluate your interventions, ideally through a gold standard Randomised Controlled Trial (RCT).
  6. Perform statistical analyses on your evaluation data to build an evidence-base for a more targeted and tailored approach to engagement: which approaches work best with which customers.
  7. Provide a forum for collaboration with other social housing providers on the programme.
  8. Showcase your team and your organisation as part of a comprehensive report launched to the sector on completion.

Are you interested and want to learn more?

Come and talk to us at the CiH conference or the Tpas National Tenant Conference or 

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